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Be yourself

Dress well, Buy Less, feel sharp

Our Values: made by women, For women

We are a mission driven business focused on celebrating the character, strength and creativity of women across their lives.

We honour women by making timeless everyday clothes that fit properly and elevate one's confidence, through the high quality fabrics and designs at play.   


We exude confidence when we feel stylish and authentic. Our garments are made of quality materials: Linen, Cashmere, Wool, Cotton, Denim & Corduroy - prioritsing character and comfort so you can get on with the fabulous job of being yourself.


It's crucial how a piece of clothing feels when worn. We design to accomodate women's changing bodies through life. 

 A zip that cinches a trouser properly at the waist, the cuffed boxer jean made for a shorter leg. The Verity Dress with its clever midriff cut to flatter any waist size.

And if the fit does require closer attention, we provide a fitting and alteration service to achieve near perfection.  

Our Classic Collective ~ Shared Values

Our garments and shoes are made by family owned buinesses in New Zealand, UK and Spain.

Our collective share a pride in upholding traditional manufacturing techniques and delivering quality at an accessible price.

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Nicola Hawes