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Custom made shirts

Book a personal fitting for a quality made-to-measure business shirt.
Let us customize the sleeve or waist length to fit you perfectly.
No need to compromise when a bespoke shirt
is as little as $149, delivered to your door.

We are proud to be the exclusive
fitting room for Nicholas Jermyn shirts in Wellington.

Book a Fitting

We'll measure you and discuss the many options for customising your shirt from selecting the fabric, collar and cuff styles, to thread and button colours. How about a monogrammed cuff?
Luxuriate in the options you can select.

Meet & Measure appointments for Nicholas Jermyn shirts are by arrangement.


Already have a shirt you wish to replicate?
Bring it in to our Kelburn store.

We'll take it's measurements and use these to make your unique pattern.

This is kept on file to ensure that every Nicholas Jermyn shirt you order will be made to these exact measurements. Add to your roster effortlessly.

service you deserve

Having custom made garments is one of life's pleasures and isn't expensive. Our shirts range from $149-$199 including fitting, making and free shipping.


Why not give a Gift Voucher to your loved one for a birthday, anniversary. promotion or graduation. Available in $100, $50, or $25.

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