our mission

Prioritising craft

Our Craft

Alongside curating a timless modern wardrobe,
our passion is making knit vests that embolden and inspire you!

Get Vest Dressed

Our knit vests are made in New Zealand and blend New Zealand wool with storied designs. Discover our vests in rowing stripes to argle; timeless staples that feel polished and modern. They're also warm and cosy.!

We proudly support NZ manufacturing.

Believe you can ROAR

We believe in your journey. You're writing your own story everyday so the least we could do is embroider a symbol of courage and protection ** on the back of the neck of our vests. It reminds us to ‘BE THE LION‘ everyday. We've got your back!'

** The Lion of St Mark guards the city of Venice.

more than we seam

Our women care about function and aesthetics.
We see you lugging heavy laptops and bags so we've sewn reinforcement tape to the shoulder seams of our vests.
We sweat the details. We’re proud of that.

Shared Values

NH collaborates with a range of international and Kiwi, family-owned, businesses that we have literally spent years finding and collaborating with on our collections.
They share our passion to uphold traditional manufacturing methods so you can enjoy unique products made in smaller runs.

Making in smaller quantities eliminates waste
and overuns.

New Zealand & Italy.
SHOES: Madrid, Spain
GARMENTS: New Zealand (Robyn Reynolds) & Nicholas Jermyn shirts.