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Need help finding your optimum Solovair fit, not sure of your size, wondering about boot re-soling, or cleaning? ...All the important stuff you need to know is coming soon.

Solovair Soulmate - FAQs

If your shoe is readily in stock, we will provide your tracking number on dispatch, usually 1-3 days after receiving your order. Shipping is free in NZ.

If we order in from the UK, we will provide tracking info on receipt from Solovair UK.

Delivery (estimates)
NZ (instock): 4-6 business days via NZ Post.
UK (order in) 10-15 days with DHL.

Please note that we do not offer refunds if you change your mind. Please choose carefully.

Exchanges - my size is wrong.
Let's discuss the options which include:
Exchanging for another size
Using Solovair innersoles to adjust one foot - or both

Please note that Solovair regularly sell out of styles and sizes. We cannot guarantee your replacement size will be immediately available.
We will work with our wholesale manager to find a new pair as soon as Solovair's hard working team replenish the style.
Please allow up to 8 weeks for this process. Since they'll last for years - you will make up the time, promise.

Please contact us within 72 hours of receipt, to discuss the issue and solutions.

Customer Service Hours
Ph 027-526-2894
Mon-Fri 10-6pm
Sat 10-2pm.
(NZ Standard Time)


Always clean your footwear ideally after each use by cleaning off any surplus dirt with a brush or damp cloth. 

Can my shoes or boots be re-soled?

If the upper (top leather part) is in a good condition and the welt is not damaged, we should be able to re-sole your Solovair footwear.

Who will repair my shoes?
Solovair offer a re-soling service where your shoes will be sent to the UK for 6-8 weeks.
We can also repair your shoes and boots through our preferred supplier in Wellington NZ - more on that soon.

When will they need re-soling?
There are several factors that affect the time before a resole is required e.g. how often the footwear is worn, the environment they have been worn in, the gait of the customer and how the footwear has been cared for.

There are a couple of signs you can look for, is the tread on the footwear worn down? Is the heel wearing down on one side? Is there a crack appearing in the forepart of sole?

99% of Solovair leather is sourced from Europe from prestigious tanneries.

No leather is wasted in the manufacturing of footwear and even trimmings are recycled to create a by-product called leather board which can then be repurposed both within the company and externally to create additional leather based components for footwear or other industries.

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Shoe & Wet Weather Care

Always clean your footwear after each use by cleaning off any surplus dirt with a brush or damp cloth.

Solovair footwear is water-resistant but not waterproof. DO NOT wear footwear in prolonged or extremely wet conditions.

Leather is a natural product and requires a rest period. The general rule of thumb is to allow footwear to rest for double the time it was worn. E.g. footwear worn for 8 hours should rest for 16 hours.

A rest period allows the leather to breathe and rid itself of moisture. Too much moisture can cause the internal sock liner to shift and lining damage.
We recommend wearing footwear in rotation.


For general maintenance, apply a good shoe polish or cream using a dry cloth or soft brush for buffing.

For Burgundy, Oxblood, Navy and Green which are hard to match with polish shades, use a colourless neutral polish.

For any assistance or help, please email your questions.


With time and general wear, the rub-off finish can become more pronounced resulting in a lovely patina.
Use a soft cloth and Solovair Renovating Cream.

Please note that being too abrasive with Rub-Off leather may result is colour alterations. we recommend a colourless neutral polish